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7/8" Allen Head


Man, you know. We know, you know. We know that you know that we know why you like them little ass 7/8" Allen Heads. They different. Everyone runs the Phillips 1" stuff. And we know you ain't all about that fitting in with the crowd shit. Plus, for some reason, that + sign on the Phillips.....you just can't skate like that. We know you've tried. Shit don't work. Grip tape has to be put on before 11pm at night. The stickers all have to lean to the bottom right. The inner ply's of your board can not have a red layer in it. No full dipped boards. Gotta peel that warning sticker off the top of the board. Gotta sand the edges when done. Gotta pat your head and rub your belly at the same time before you film that trick...all that weird "It's gotta be like this" stuff. We made these for you. Ya fucking weirdo. And we appreciate the psychotic behavior you have developed since skateboarding. Thank you friend.